Rent TMAX 530 Yamaha in Patong and Phuket


  • rent tmax patong phuket

    rent tmax patong phuket

    Rent a scooter on Patong Beach, Thailand
  • Yamaha Tmax for Rent in Patong

    Yamaha Tmax for Rent in Patong

    Displacement: 530 ccm
  • Premium Segment

    Premium Segment

    High-End Scooter
  • Traction Control

    Traction Control

    Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • Oil monitoring System

    Oil monitoring System

    Torque: 52.3 Nm at 5250 rpm

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Rent Yamaha Tmax 530 in Patong and Phuket

Cruising on a Tmax 530 in the south-west of Phuket around Patong Beach.


Rent TMAX 530 Yamaha in Patong and Phuket


  • Engine: 530 ccm, 34 kw – 53nm

  • Torque: 53nm @ 5250 rpm

  • Wet-weight: 213 kg, fuel: 15 litre, range: 313 km

  • A2 driver license

  • ABS: standard fitted equipment

  • Locking system: Centre stand 

  • Dainese D-air® safety system connection


  • Chassis: aluminium lightweight

  • Traction Control System (TCS)

  • Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T)

  • Huge storage space for two helmets

  • ‘Smart Key’ keyless ignition system

  • TFT instruments

  • Link-type rear suspension


Rent TMAX 530 Yamaha in Patong and Phuket


This high-end motorcycle definitely is a premium solution. If you are looking for an upper-class motorbike for your holidays on Phuket, then leasing the Tmax 530 is probably your best bet. In this premium segment, you get a large comfortable seat and plenty of storage, not only for two helmets, but also for many other items, that will make your overall rental period a pleasant one. And not only the keyless ignition of the Yamaha Tmax 530 provides a feeling, that you have rent more than a scooter.

Rent Tmax Patong Phuket: Wat You Need to Know

If you rent a Yamaha TMax 530 on Phuket, then you will get a 530cc twin-cylinder four-stroke engine and an advanced fuel injection system, that is controlled by an engine management system. It has 34.2kW at 6750 rpm and 52.3 Nm of torque at 5250 rpm. Leasing a motorcycle with a fully automatic and continuously variable transmission (CVT), and an oil monitoring system will be a solid start into your vacations in Thailand on Patong Beach.

Due to its sportive functionality, the overall dynamic, and simply the top quality, the Yamaha Tmax 530 has been sold over 233.000 times since 2001. It is possible, that the Tmax 530 will exceed even your expectations, that you could have, when you think about to rent a motorbike or scooter in Patong during your holidays on Phuket. The outstanding handling still offers enough suspension to provide a straight-forward ride all around the island.
Leasing a motorcycle with a traction control, a keyless entry system, and hi-tech TFT-instruments is the ideal combination of comfort and a more active driving around Patong Beach. The balanced parallel-shaped engine, and the water-cooled CVT injection-system XP 500 proves, that the Tmax is more than a maxi scooter. The aluminium frame chassis makes hiring a scooter on Phuket almost like renting one of Yamaha’s bigger sports bikes, that is also underlined by the rear single brake and the rotor combo (which is a hydraulic brake). With a very low centre of gravity, you will have a surprisingly easy control over your motor cycle, especially when you take into consideration, that if you rent a motorbike with ABS, this is an investment in your safety, that is simply inclusive and standard.

Rental Tmax in Patong: Important Informations

Finally, its outstanding design only accentuates an all-round package, that is simply great and ensures, that your scooter rental experience on Phuket will be on par with what top tier motorcycles should be ready to offer. So, it is easy to understand, why the Yamaha TMax 530 has been such a success for the Yamaha Motor Company. If you are up to having an outstanding trip to and around Phuket, then the Tmax 530 will probably be a wise choice, especially if you rent it at “Rental Motor Patong”, that performs maintenance only with original spare parts.