Calculation of the Prices for Motorbikes and Scooters on Phuket

The Prices (in Thai Baht) for renting a motorbike or scooter in Patong Phuket at Rentalmotorpatong on Phuket mainly depend on three core factors. The first is the period of time or the amount of days you want to rent a motorbike. The Second is the current season. The third is of course the model of the motorbike or scooter. You will always get an individual price, that perfectly suits your needs.
So, feel free to contact me via WhatsApp and get a custom price. And now take look at the motorbike and scooter, that I offer for rent at Patong Beach on Phuket.



Simply rent a Motorbike or Scooter at Patong Beach on Phuket

Before you make up your mind, which scooter you should rent for your holidays on Patong Beach, I would like to provide more illustrative material to help you with your leasing choice: In the next YouTube video, you can see all the motorbikes, which I offer for rent. This should give you a realistic glimpse, on how my scooters look like in “real life” and “real time”; you will see, how they actually perform on the streets of Thailand.

And by the way, you will get many impressions of sights and locations on and AROUND Phuket, that can be easily reached with a motorbike, like Karon View Point and Yanui Beach, or even Phi Phi Islands, if you add a private boat trip to your rental choice.

If you go to Patong Beach on Phuket during your holidays, then it – hands down –  makes sense to rent a motorbike or scooter, no matter how long you plan to stay. Although there is a difference between motorbikes and scooters not only in size and price, you certainly need a “motorized bike” to move around on Phuket. Taxis and TukTuks are the only available public transport options. But due to the costs, these are only (very) short-terms solutions. Because you can rent a scooter from around 100 Thai-Baht per day, it is cheaper to rent two scooters for one day instead of going once by taxi.

Although the price is a factor, it is not the most important one. The most important pro argument for renting a motorbike or scooter on Phuket is the freedom and the flexibility you gain during your vacations. Because of the tropical climate on Phuket, which means, that the average water and air temperature is around 28°, you must never worry about having a comfortable ride all year long. Even if it starts raining, you should not get a cold.

Furthermore, if you want to discover Ko Phuket, there is no better way to do it on your own motorbike. Most of the must-see locations and sights have access to roads, which are in an outstanding overall condition on Phuket, and well suited for riding a scooter. And although there are many beaches on Phuket, it is priceless, to be able, to just jump on a motorbike and go to the beach without having any hassle with logistics, as well as with parking anywhere anytime.

So, no matter when you go to Patong Beach on Phuket, you can count on the scooter or the motorbike as a viable and an available option for rent. Finally, you just have to choose which motorbike or scooter you would like to have for your holidays on Phuket.

The difference between a motorbike and a scooter lies within the size of the displacement. Bikes with more than 500ccm are usually called “motorbikes”, while all bikes below that number are called “scooters”. Although this is mechanically not true, and although motorbikes are considered more powerful and more comfortable especially for longer trips of 50km and above, one must admit that due to the (small) size of Phuket (50 x 20 km) a scooter also has some advantages over a motorbike. One of these certainly is the automatic transmission every scooter per se has, and which leads to a stress-free ride, especially for those, who do not have much experience with riding neither motorbikes nor scooters. Another positive factor of a scooter is its lower size and weight. This leads to more agility and a drastically lower fuel consumption.

And although you will be able to find motorbikes like a Yamaha R1, a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 R or a BMW S100 on Phuket, Rental Motor Patong offers the following scooters for rent:

Yamaha Tmax 530 – Yamaha Nmax 155 – Honda PCX 150 – Honda Click 125 i – Honda Zoomer.

The infrastructure on Phuket:

The size of Phuket is 50 x 20 km. This means that the island is small enough to be experienced as an actual “island” with all its adventurous aspects, but also big enough to offer enough diversity for always having the choice; the choice between silence and high life. Phuket is the “Jack of all Trades” with countless breath-taking sand beaches with clear blue-green water and spectacular view points for photography, like Karon View Point.

Phuket has an overall outstanding street quality, that can easily keep up with any western country. The streets are – again hands down – more than good enough for the rent of any motorbike or scooter during your holidays, especially around Patong Beach. And you should not waste any thoughts on this factor, but instead start planning your independent motorbike discovery trip of Phuket, with the logistical help, that is provided above on this page by Rental Motor Patong.

And although there will be free Wifi in almost every public building, no matter how small it could be, you should still get yourself an own Thai-sim-card anyway, so you will be online everywhere on the island. This will get you not only download-speeds of around 1,5 MB per second, but will also make your navigation on Phuket really smooth, so you will be able to reliably use the navigation-guide on this site. You can buy sim-cards in any of countless 7eleven- and FamilyMart-stores all around Phuket.

Phuket offers a big variety within the category of housing during your rental period: You can find low budget hostels for backpackers, as well as isolated 5 star resorts with private beaches. In between these extremes, you have to choose, if you want to live in a hotel or a bungalow; in a condo / apartment or a villa. But no matter, which kind of location you will pick, there will always be plenty of parking options for a motorbike or scooter. Even around high-density areas like Patong Beach, there are countless designated areas, where you can park your motorbike or scooter for free. So, it is a question of luxury and comfort to choose a motorbike or scooter over a car for rent during your holidays on Phuket.

But no matter where you go on Phuket, you will never forget the fact, that you actually are in a tropical jungle with all the according flora and fauna and waterfalls, that has some infrastructure attached to it, that would be simply eaten up within a few months, if the humans suddenly vanished.

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