• Xmax 300 cc

    Xmax 300 cc

    Rent a scooter in Patong on Phuket, Thailand.
  • Yamaha Xmax

    Yamaha Xmax

    Displacement: 300 ccm
  • Vast Storage

    Vast Storage

    Fuel Cap: 13 Litres
  • ABS Standard

    ABS Standard

    Traction Control System
  • 12V Charger

    12V Charger

    Electric Starter

Rent. Scooter. Patong.

Technical scooter details:

  • Blue Core 20.6 kW engine with 292cc of displacement

  • ABS standard; Disc brakes front and rear

  • Traction Control System

  • Keyless ignition system


  • TMAX DNA design; LED lights (front and rear)

  • 12V charger on board (for smartphones and cameras)

  • Motorcycle type forks and wheels

  • Fuel tank capacity: 13 Litres

Rent a Yamaha Xmax 300

The Yamaha Xmax 300 is equipped with ABS, a traction control system, and four-valve engine with 292cc of displacement, 28 bhp at 7250 rpm, and 179kg of weight (fueled). When you will rent this motorbike in Patong Phuket you will see that there are large analogue dials for the speedometer and the rev-counter. An LED panel in between shows the information about the fuel and temperature status, odometer, trip counter, average fuel consumption, and outside air temperature.
With the motorcycle-size-forks, the compact chassis and the large Dunlop-Scoot-Smart-Wheels (15” at the front and 14” at the rear) fitted on the Yamaha Xmax 300, you get a sporty scooter with a serious amount of comfort. The new efficient new Blue Core engine gives you all the performance, that you need for moving around on Phuket on a scooter. The new “MAX DNA” – bodywork is 3 kg lighter than the one of its predecessor, minimizes vibrations, and gives your motorbike-ride a dynamic look.
At the same time the Xmax 300 still offers a vast storage under the seat with 45 litres of space, that will not be fully filled up with two full-face helmets. So, there will be even more room for another (laptop-) bag, and all kinds of smaller items. The two glove boxes next to the ignition dial increase the storage size even more, and let you carry around a lot of gear, that you could want to use for discovering Phuket.
The keyless ignition system provides a remote control over the Xmax 300’s engine as well as to the storage, when in close proximity. You also get a 12v charging outlet to be able to charge many types of devices directly on your motorbike (like smartphones or cameras) while in transit around Phuket.
Furthermore, the seat position can be adjusted within seconds, so even if you might be a taller person, a comfortable ride around Phuket on the Yamaha Xmax 300 will be guaranteed, because even the rear shocks are “five way adjustable”, giving you the opportunity to customize your position on the bike.
Although there are more than enough options to get fuel for your motorbike on Phuket – no matter if you are at Surin-, Patong-, Nai Harn- or Yanui Beach or in Rawai – , the Yamaha Xmax 300 provides a huge 13 litre tank, that will not allow you to get into trouble with low fuel situations.
The Yamaha Xmax 300 certainly is not the budget option, but especially when you are looking for a premium solution and a technologically advanced motorbike for your holidays on Patong Beach on Phuket, the Xmax 300 will definitely be a solid choice.