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    Rent a motorcycle on Phuket a Patong Beach.
  • Honda PCX

    Honda PCX

    Displacement: 150 ccm
  • Comfortable Seat

    Comfortable Seat

    Waterproof Storage
  • Combined Brake System

    Combined Brake System

    12-V Mobile Phone Charger
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    Phuket, Thailand

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Technical scooter details:

  • Displacement: 124.9cm³

  • Engine power: 8,5 kW at 8,500rpm

  • Torque: 12 Nm at 6000rpm

  • PGM FI electronic fuel infection


  • Curb weight: 126kg

  • Tank capacity: 6.1 liters

  • Transmission: automatic 7 V-Matic

  • Idling stop system

Rent a Honda PCX 150.

Especially with its features from 2017, including an optimized engine, a new body kit and a throughout sporty look, renting a Honda PCX 150 is a classic choice, when it comes to leasing a scooter on Phuket.

The Honda PCX 150 comes with a comfortable seat, a waterproof vast storage, an implemented 12-V mobile phone charger, an idling stop system (that automatically shuts off the engine after few seconds of idle), will make renting this motorbike during your vacation around Patong Beach very convenient. The new larger 2.1-gallon-tank will increase your trip range all around by 50 miles.

The enhanced dual LED headlights provide great visibility. The steering lock and the theft deterrent ignition system cover will give you a good feeling, when leaving your motorbike at those places, that you would like to discover, so that renting a scooter becomes a more viable option itself. Having a low centre of gravity, a speedometer, an odometer, and a trip meter especially on a leased scooter broadens your enterprise options even further.

Having both, an iffy stand and a centre stand combined with the 29.9-inch height allows easy parking. The hydraulically dampened telescopic forks with its dual coil-over stabilizes the rear and dampens the swing-mount of the scooter, to achieve a more comfortable ride for your vacations.

The Combined Brake System (CBS) measures braking pressure and balances the weight of your motorbike. This security aspect can be an essential argument for choosing the Honda PCX 150 over some other scooters, that are also offered for rent on Phuket.

The 153ccm engine has an integral liquid-cooling system, that is focused on managing heat, and saves space, which allows the fitting of an ACG starter. This PGM-FI induction control make motor starts not only easy starts, but also a self-adjusting operation, that allows a higher engine output compared to air-cooled models.  In addition, a V-Matic automatic transmission system will also be standard, so you will get a more relaxed and quiet cruising experience, if you decide to rent this scooter. This is even more stressed by the fact, that additional friction-reduction efforts made by Honda result in an even lower fuel consumption.

Finally, one of those aspects, at which the Honda PCX 150 truly shines, is the fact, that if you plan to rent one scooter, but need a motorcycle, that can carry two persons without a significant loss in comfort, then you can do nothing wrong, when leasing a PCX at Rental Motor Patong on Phuket. Unlike many other scooters, its size, dimension, and suspension makes it an ideal two-person carrier.