Rent Honda ADV 150 in Patong and Phuket


  • rent Honda ADV 150 patong phuket

    rent Honda ADV 150 patong phuket

    Rent a scooter on Patong Beach, Thailand
  • Honda ADV 150 for Rent in Patong

    Honda ADV 150 for Rent in Patong

    Honda ADV 150
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    Premium Segment

    Honda ADV 150
  • Traction Control

    Traction Control

    Honda ADV 150
  • Rent a motorbike in Patong on Phuket: Honda ADV 150

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Rent Honda ADV 150 in Patong and Phuket

Cruising on a Honda ADV 150 in the south-west of Phuket around Patong Beach.


Rent Honda ADV 150 in Patong and Phuket


  • Engine: 149.32 ccm, 14,5 CV – 8500 rpm

  • Torque: 13,8 nm – 6900 rpm

  • Wet-weight: 133 kg, fuel: 8 litre

  • ABS: standard fitted equipment

  • ESP (Enhanced Smart Power)

  • Honda Smartphone Voice Control System

  • HSTC e G Mode traction control

  • GAS Throttle By Wire with 5 Riding Mode

  • Storage compartment and USB-C socket

  • USB-C Connectivity & DRL Lights


Rent Honda ADV 150 in Patong and Phuket


Do you need to travel around Thailand and do you want to rely on a fast and safe means of transport? Do you want your holiday experience to also be characterized by resourcefulness and speed? You can’t give up riding one of our fantastic ways: our Honda ADV 150 has everything you need and is definitely the right choice for you!

But why is this bike so sought after?

The reasons for preferring one motorcycle over many others can be different. Our proposal is one of the latest models we have chosen for you: our scooter rental company, in fact, is always looking for the latest news in the sector, in order to provide our customers with a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

But let’s see why to prefer this scooter to many others:

1. The look. It is resourceful, fast, snappy, and you can also see this from its aesthetic appearance, which is reminiscent of an off-road look that really makes the difference because this scooter is particularly suitable for the city. Thailand’s roads can be very treacherous when it comes to traffic, and if you’re here on vacation you definitely don’t want to waste your time!

2. It is equipped with an eco-friendly engine. With this scooter you also respect nature, because it is equipped with a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine of 149.3 cc, with single camshaft distribution, which produces a power of 14.5 HP at 8,500 rpm and a drive torque of 13.8. Nm at 6,500 rpm. The engine also has the availability of both the Enhanced Smart Power system and the Start & Stop system which will allow you to switch the scooter off and on automatically, thus reducing emissions and consumption.

3. Excellent chassis. There is a compartment of 28 liters. In addition, while the fork is traditional, there is a double shock absorber with separate tank: in front you find 14-inch light alloy wheels, while behind it there are 13 inches.

4. New in instrumentation. The panel is no longer analog, like some of its ancestors, but it is digital: just take a look at the dashboard to get all the information regarding elements such as speed, clock, consumption, and odometer (even partial).

As you can see, the reasons for preferring this scooter to many others are the most varied. But to those we have mentioned we can add another: its compact dimensions, which make our Honda ADV 150 cc particularly suitable for city spaces. In fact, it has a length of 1,950 mm, a width of 763 mm and a height of 1,153 mm; the scooter weighs is 132 kg (CBS version) and 133 kg for the model with ABS.

In general, getting around the busy streets of Thailand can be nerve-wracking if you do it by car, taxi or waiting for public transport: getting around by scooter is certainly the most convenient choice because it allows you to save time and money.

If you need any other information, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to help you choose the model that suits your needs and ready to answer all your doubts or concerns!