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Sightseeing on Phuket: Google-Maps Coordinates

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Phuket, Thailand

Island in the south-west of Thailand

Population: 322.000

Size: 50 x 20 km

93,2 % Buddhists

Average water temperature: 28°

Timezone: +7

Prefix: 076


General information:

Phuket is the second smallest province of Thailand, and also the biggest island of Thailand, which also includes some smaller islands of Andaman Sea. It has a population of 322.000 inhabitants, of which 93% are Buddhists. Due to its tropical climate, the average water-temperature here is around 28° Celsius. This means you can sunbath being in the water, without having to swim, to get warm.

Phuket was also known as Thalang and Jung Ceylon, and while its former income source was being a major trading route between India and China for the English, the Dutch, the Portuguese, and the French in the 17th century. And therefore, the architecture of many of the buildings especially in Phuket Town is shaped by Portuguese influences. Much of its economic gains today is coming from touristic activities, and Since the 1980s Phuket became one of the most visited places in the world.

It safe to say, that many people from the West will experience a big contrast in social behaviour. When you arrive on Phuket you will quickly find out, that Thai people are “different”, and that in the most positive way. It is not about a cheap smile of a vendor trying to sell you things you don’t need. But about the average attitude of a random Thai person towards a foreigner, when there is no context of profit involved at all. And this attitude is throughout – hands down – friendly and positive.

You may ask yourself, why this is so. One valid theory would certainly be, that besides the world movement towards secularisation, 93% of the population on Phuket are Buddhists. In contrast to the imperialistic religions like Christianity and Islam, Buddhism obviously shapes societies towards harmony even today. Furthermore, Thai people nowadays seem to have a more viable and “actually working” equilibrium between religious depth and distance in the daily live: You will find religion everywhere in Thailand, but without a tension and density, that could lead to theocracy in any way. Finally, you will never even get close to being mistreated for not being a Buddhist. These facts also become obvious, when you look at the defensive driving behaviour of the Thais on the streets of Phuket. There are always exceptions, but the average Thai person does not hurry, and certainly does not insist on having to go first.

The main transportation medium on Phuket is the motorbike or scooter. So, the rent of motorbikes and scooters is not some kind of a specific “tourist-attraction” branch, but the daily bread and butter for moving around Phuket for tourists as well as for the Thai people themselves. Due to the climate, there is no such thing like a “motorbike season”, unlike it is the case in the western countries; the tropical climate allows it to rent and ride a motorbike all year long.

Events and Festivals on Phuket

Fair: Thao Thep Krasattri and Thao Si Sunthon Fair

Gods Festival: Nine Emperors

Festival: Pho-To (Ghost)

Regatta: Phuket King’s Cup

Triathlon: Laguna Phuket

Fair: Phuket Travel

Festival: Chao Le (Sea Gypsy) Boat Floating

Entertainment on Phuket:

Even if many Westerners may believe, that you can buy all existing fruits in a western supermarket, you will quickly find out, that this simply not true. You definitely will encounter many tasty fruits and vegetables, that you have not even heard or read about before. These will not be spoiled here, but Bananas for example are growing here literally next to the supermarket. And yes, there are indeed different kinds of Bananas.

Of course, you have heard about animals like monkeys and elephants, but it is still different, to cruise around on Phuket on a motorbike or scooter you have just rent from Rental Motor Patong (busted!), and suddenly discover elephants left and right, or evil monkeys trying to steal your cookies. Many different kinds of reptiles like Geckos will help you out with some mosquitos. For Tigers, you should visit places like the Sirinat National park.

If you are looking for water-entertainment, you will find waterparks, tours and trips on and around Phuket for kayaking, jet ski, kitesurfing, snorkelling, diving and sailing.

At least you should rent a motorbike or scooter once, so you can go to Rawai in the south of Phuket, buy a living lobster from local fishermen, and bring it to special restaurants, which will create a meal for you out of it. But you can of course find high-end locations for Thai and Western (sea-)food on Patong Beach, as well as self-propelled street (motorbike-) kitchens all over the island.

Riding on Elephants, visiting theme parks and magic acrobatic shows, bars on the countless beaches, museums, golf-clubs, and locations for Bungee-jumping. And if you simply want to go shopping, you can just head to shopping-malls like the “Central Festival” in Phuket town, the Jungceylon-Mall on Patong Beach, where you also have to head to, if you want to experience all nuances of Phuket’s nightlife in the legendary Bangla Road. You will find all kinds of night-clubs here.

Finally, one very special event should be mentioned, that takes place once every year since 1995: The Phuket Bike Week. This convention is the biggest of its kind in Asia. Bikers and motorcyclists from all over the world come together on Patong Beach on Phuket the 23rd time in 2017. The numbers usually hit around 10000 motorbikes and 50000 visitors.

The Phuket Bike Week as an event has many events within the event: You will see motorbike races and parades, tours and trip all around Phuket like the “Ride for Peace”. There will also be tuning and design competitions of customized motorbikes, as well as music concerts, or a “Miss Phuket Bike Week” election. It will be possible to buy many motorbike accessories and apparel modifications.

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