• Honda


    Rent a scooter in Patong on Phuket.
  • Honda Click

    Honda Click

    Displacement: 125 ccm
  • Fuel Efficient

    Fuel Efficient

    Minimizing Friction
  • Enhance Smart Power

    Enhance Smart Power

  • Dry-Weight: 106 kg

    Dry-Weight: 106 kg

    Engine Power: 12 hp

Rent. Motorbike. Patong.

Technical scooter details:

  • Dry-weight: 106kg

  • Displacement: 124.9cm³

  • Engine power: 12 hp

  • Torque: 11.6 Nm at 6500 rpm

  • PGM FI electronic fuel injection


  • Starter type: self-starter

  • Tank capacity: 4 liters

  • Transmission: CVT-automatic

  • Liquid cooling system

  • Idling stop system

Rent a Honda Click 125i

If you want to rent a motorbike in PAtong on Phuket, and are looking for performance at a reasonable price, then the Honda Click 125 i will be the motorcycle to go for. And although it may seem like leasing one of the smaller budget scooters, its performance in terms of sportive driving exceeds most of the bigger counterparts and proves, that this assumption is not true. The PGM-FI liquid cooled engine unleashes 8.40 kW @8500 RPM of maximum power and 11.16 N.m @6500 RPM maximum torque. Its very low wet-weight of only 106 kg is combined with an engine, that has almost the same power as a Yamaha Nmax or a Honda Pcx.

At the same time, you get a scooter with a full-fledged equipment, that is technologically pathbreaking. The PGM-FI, the Enhance Smart Power, the Idling Stop System and Combined Brake System are setting trends. The eSP for example does not only save fuel, but also increases the ecological efficiency, that improves your environmental responsibility, when cruising around Phuket on your “just rent” scooter. The outstanding fuel efficiency of less than 2l on 100km, as well as making combustion more efficient and minimizing friction reducing waste, does exclude the implementation of a Combi-Brake System, that enhances your driving safety by balancing the breaking power of both wheels. In addition, the Honda Click 125i also offers security features like an automatic side stand switch, where the engine stays off, when it is still in the down position.

The Brake Lock prevents possible motor jump after starting the engine or stopping on a hill, so you can plan to rent a motorbike especially for more adventurous trips around on Phuket. This is also accentuated by the tubeless tires, that provide better traction, and more save feeling, when seeking out for discoveries on a hired scooter. Having 18 litres of storage implies the option of transporting a little more than one additional full-face helmet.

The Honda Click 125 i is also smaller, than its counterparts, so it behaves more agile in high-traffic situations, that can occur around Patong Beach and Phuket Town. So, if you decide to rent a Honda Click, it will be the most viable choice for moving around on Phuket especially through rush hours, and if you really would like ride more actively during your rental period of your holidays.

And also from the representational perspective, it is viable to rent this motorcycle due to its futuristic design, that reminds of leasing an agile fighter-scooter. A magnetic key shutter helps preventing theft, and gives you better overall feeling, when renting a motorbike on Phuket at Rental Motor Patong.